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Store Sale


05 Aug 2020



Sale Type





Euroa 3666 N/A


***1200 CATTLE 1200***

North East Store Sale Centre

Commencing 12 noon


A/c Villa, Finley RODWELLS

100 Angus M/S, 8-9 mths, by Scott Angus & Witherswood bulls

Bingara Ruffy RODWELLS

30 Angus Steers Lawson Bld,11-12 Mths Yard Weaned

60 Angus Heifers Lawson Bld,11-12 Mths yard Weaned

Carrington Property Co, Euroa RODWELLS

80 Angus steers, 11 mths, Witherswood bld, Yard Weaned

Plantus Seedlings Pty Ltd, Benalla RODWELLS

54 Ang M/S, 10-12 mths, By Hazeldene Bulls, Yard Weaned

Wappan Maindample RODWELLS

52 Angus M/S, 10-11 mths, by Alpine bulls

W & D Ellis, Boho South NUTRIEN

40 M/S, 10 mths, Connamara & Newblax bld

Valley View, NUTRIEN

20 Angus Hereford M/S

Gooram Estate, Gooram NUTRIEN

60 Angus M/S, 10-11 mths, Connamara bld

The Pines, Yan Yean NUTRIEN

50 Angus M/S calves, Kilccolin bld

B & E Lundstrom, Merton RODWELLS

50 Angus steers, 11 mths, Te Mania Bld

B & E Cummins, Merton RODWELLS

30 Angus steers, 10-11 mths, Riga & Barragunda bld

Monea Park, Locksley NUTRIEN

25 M/S, 8-9 mths, Glenmodest bld

Clifton Park, Moglonemby NUTRIEN

30 Angus M/S, 7-8 mths, Connamara & Merridale bld

M Taylor Thornton RODWELLS

30 Hfd,Hfd X M/S Wnrs 12 Mths

Provincial Valley, Nagambie NUTRIEN

25 Char steers, 9-10 mths, Monument Valley bld

A & P Beard, Strathbogie NUTRIEN

20 Angus steers, Table top Angus bld

B & M Kelly, Goldie NUTRIEN

20 Angus M/S, 9-10 mths, Te Mania bld

Kobyboyn Partnership, Highlands RODWELLS

20 Hereford M/S, 10 months, By Mawarra Bulls, Yard Weaned

WEANERS (cont'd)

M Wortman, Benalla RODWELLS

20 Angus heifers, 10-11 mths, Millah Murrah Bld

Welton Farms, Ruffy NUTRIEN

15 M/S, Te Mania bld

Joshma Park, Euroa NUTRIEN

15 Char X heifers, 9-10 mths, Paringa bld

P Arandt, Tallarook NUTRIEN

15 Angus M/S, 11-12 mths, Banquet bld

Balmere, Balmattum NUTRIEN

12 Angus M/S, 6-7 mths, Kingsford Angus bld

P & S Reynolds, Mansfield RODWELLS

10 Ang Hereford X steers, 10 mths, By Witherswood Bulls

10 Ang Hereford X heifers, 10 mths, Witherswood bld

L McKenzie, Mangalore ELDERS

10 Angus heifers, 10 mnths, EX - Habbies Howe bred

Bonavet, Strathbogie NUTRIEN

10 Angus steers, Kilcoolin bld

H Jennings ELDERS

10 Angus steers, 10 mnths, Newblax Bld

Krou Investments, ‘Boxvale’, Violet Town ELDERS

10 Angus M/S, 10 mths

CG Clark, Pranjip RODWELLS

9 Angus M/S, 10 mths

R G & J A Cleeland, Barjarg RODWELLS

8 Angus steers, 12-13 mths, Te Mania bld


Yullum Vale NUTRIEN

35 Angus steers, 12 mths, Rennylea & Alpine Angus bld


Cairnhill Beef NUTRIEN

30 Hereford, By Ryeland Angus Bull, to C.C Sept, P.T.I.C

Valley View, NUTRIEN

20 Angus X, By Hereford & Brangus Bulls P.T.I.C

Glenfyne Angus NUTRIEN

12 Angus, 22-24 mths, NSM

6 Charolais, 22-24 mths, NSM

Selling Agents