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Welcome to The Herd Online where we connect Livestock Buyers & Sellers with sale information.

The Herd is a new and easy way to access and market livestock for sale, upcoming AuctionsPlus entries, saleyard information and market reports.

The Herd is rapidly growing and currently covers most markets in VIC, NSW and SA and is pushing into TAS, QLD and WA. We have over 5,000 registered account users and receive in excess off 100,000 views per month. We have an audience of 11,500 following our social accounts.

For your convenience, we have a FREE App for iPhone and iPad (iOS) and Android devices.

To load sheep and cattle on The Herd, you have to be a livestock agent with a profile / account on The Herd. This is free to set up and can also include links to agents websites, social pages and can showcase members of their team.

Once an agent or office is set up, they can invite their clients to their account and 'the producer' will be able to upload pictures, videos and factual information about stock for sale and share it directly with their agent. Once the agent receives this information via a notification, they will include 'Agents Comments' and push out on The Herd platform to potential buyers.

Pictures and Videos are easily loaded on The Herd App as you stand in the yards and we have kept the mandatory requirements to a minimum to ensure agents can push sale information out quickly and easily.

Once the ad is published, potential buyers can call the agent or message the agent (once logged in) via our simple direct message system. We encourage all of our buyers to ask questions or start a private conversation. For example, Are these still available or will you take $X? If a price is agreed, the selling agent can hit the ‘Sold’ tab and enter the final sale price which will be logged in your conversation between the 2 users accounts. The listing will receive a ‘Sold Sticker’ and an invoice will be sent to the seller for the nominated amount.

(A private sale contract will still be completed between the agent and the buyer separately to The Herd transaction. We are simply here to introduce the buyer and seller)

This is a new function and we will see how it goes… As you will see when playing around with the site, a user can follow another user (similar to Facebook) If that individual you are following posts an ad or is active on the platform, you will receive a notification and that post will appear in your 'Stream'. As a user, you can swap between seeing all posts which includes all updates, ads loaded in time order or just the people you follow. You can create a post and this will push out to anyone on the 'Stream' For example, "don't forget tomorrows Sale at XYZ and the attached pic"

Paddock Sales

If the stock is sold “in the paddock” the seller will incur the following charge regardless of the origins of the buyer. If no sale eventuates the seller will not be charged.

Cattle - $7 plus GST per head. A minimum fee of $70 plus GST for individual or small lots until greater multiple.

Sheep - $0.9 per head. A minimum fee of $50 plus GST for individual or small lots until greater multiple.

Goat - $0.9 per head. A minimum fee of $50 plus GST for individual or small lots until greater multiple.

Dogs - $50 plus GST per listing.

Horses - $50 plus GST per listing.

AuctionsPlus Pre-Sale Advertising

$10 plus GST per lot advertised. This is actioned when loading on A+ and is charged by A+ on top of their standard listing fee's.


Store and Feature Sale Advertising Currently $500 Plus GST per sale listed. This includes preliminary notice, updating changes/late entries up until the sale and marketing.

Prime/Weekly Auctions

A fee of $150 Plus GST per sale listed. This includes preliminary notice, updating changes/late entries up until the sale and marketing.

Market Reports

Initially this will be offered for Free.

(Prices may change at any time. We will endeavour to communicate this with our clients directly and any changes will be displayed above. Credit Card and Accounts will be accepted.)

The Herd is here to make life easier for the Livestock Agent, Buyer and Producer and provide simple and central access to livestock information. We love working with individuals that want to evolve and improve the methods of marketing livestock. Our vision is simple, keep improving The Herd platform and enable easy access for agents, buyers and producers to utilise the capabilities. Please be warned, if an individual uses the system in a disadvantageous manner, we will remove their access and they could possibly jeopardise their access to other online platforms as well. If you are found to be connecting with a buyer or seller via The Herd and finalising the transaction external to The Herd platform or agree to purchase stock and not honour the agreement (unless other circumstances eventuate, ie: stock are not as described) we will remove the account, you will have to pay to have it restored and we will monitor your online movement moving forward. As per our terms and conditions the user might still be required to pay for the initial listing fee and jeopardise colleagues access.

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We are here to help at anytime. If you require assistance to set up an account, have a question or want to discuss upcoming sale advertising, just call or email us.

If you are an agent, buyer or producer and want to see something new, don’t hesitate to contact us as well.

We are always on the road and happy to come and visit an office or speak to a group about the platform with advance notice.

Sam Levett

Founder & CEO