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Store Sale


27 May 2020



Sale Type





Dunedoo 2844 N/A


***1500 QUALITY STORE CATTLE 1500***

All intending buyers are welcome to attend this sale, however due to COVID19 regulations, please register by phone or email before the sale to comply with both traceability and restriction of numbers in the saleyards.

Only persons considered essential to the running of the sale should attend.

To register phone our office on 02 63751009 or email details to

This will be a quality yarding of local cattle with buyer’s attendance strongly recommended


A/c Rasa Grazing (PTLD)

12x12 Gelbvieh cows & calves. Big framey cows with sappy calves, 4-6 mths, PTIC to Gelbvieh bulls.

10 Gelbvieh cows PTIC to Gelbvieh bulls

20 Gelbvieh heifers, 9-11 mths, quality weaners.

A/c RB & JA Bowman (MSD)

50 Shorthorn cows, 5-8 yrs, Royalla & Futurity blood, PTIC to Shorthorn bulls to calve Sept.

A/c Furner Nominees (PTLD)

40 Angus cows, 2014 drop, PTIC red tag to Angus bulls to commence calving last week of July for 8 week calving

A/c SS & BJ Fergusson (MSD)

14 Shorthorn cows, 8-10 yrs, Turanville blood, PTIC to Shorthorn bull to calve July/Sept

6 Shorthorn cows, 3/5 yrs, Turanville blood, PTIC to Shorthorn bull to calve July/Sept

A/c Charlton Bros

14 Shorthorn heifers, Sprys bloodlines, PTIC to Shorthorn bull to calve Oct/Nov

10 Shorthorn cows, 2-4 yrs, Sprys bloodlines, PTIC to Shorthorn bull to calve Oct/Nov

10 Shorthorn cows, 4-6 yrs, Sprys bloodlines, PTIC to Shorthorn bull to calve Oct/Nov. Ex Stud cows

A/c Nardoo Devolopment Co (MSD)

25 Angus cows, 4-6 yrs, PTIC to Poll Hereford bulls to calve Sept/Oct

A/c Redbank

30 Ultrablack x heifers, PTIC to Ultrablack bulls, 2 yrs, red tag

A/c M & B Whitby (MSD)

6 Santa cows, 4 yrs, PTIC to Angus bulls to calve Aug

6 Santa cows, 4 yrs, depastured to Angus bulls

A/c JK Milling Pty Ltd (MSD)

60 Angus, Angus x Hereford & Hereford steers, 16-18 mths

60 Angus, Angus x Hereford & Hereford heifers, 16-18 mths

4x4 Red Angus cows with Angus calves at foot

A/c PM & SL Doyle (MSD)

5 Angus cows, mxd ages, PTIC to calve Sept/Oct

A/c A & L Grima (MSD)

6x6 Angus & Angus x cows with Limousin calves at foot

A/c L & A Mayes (MSD)

2x2 Charolais cows, 6-8 yrs with Charolais calves at foot

A/c Whitbourne Holdings (PTLD)

A/c Greenholm

60 Angus heifers, 12-15 mths, NSM. Ardrossan & Wattletop blood, years of selective breeding. Carry our highest recommendation.

50 Angus mxd sex weaners, 8-10 mths

A/c Borambil Park

30 Hereford mxd sex yearlings

A/c D & A Knight

20 Hereford steers, Ironbark blood, 8-10 mths.

A/c Anne Chapman

4x4 Charolais cows & calves, 8-10 yrs, Limo x calves at foot, depast back to Limo bull


A/c Brimfield Partners (PTLD)

60 Santa, Shorthorn x heifers, 10-12 mths. Dark red colours with good skins.

20 Santa, Shorthorn x cows, store condition. Ideal to fatten, continuous joining.

A/c Birkalla Partnership (MSD)

35 Cross bred cows, PTIC to Angus bulls to calve Sept.

80 Angus steers, 4-6 mths

A/c Ardmond Pastoral (PTLD)

80 Angus steers, 8-12 mths

40 Angus heifers, sisters to above.

Nice quality line of weaners in fresh condition.

A/c Mountain Side Partnership (PTLD)

80 Hereford cross mixed sex weaners, 8-10 mths, well grown & marked weaners.

A/c Marston Pastoral (PTLD)

50 Angus/Limo x mixed sex weaners, 7-9 mths. Yard weaned, fresh forward condition, complete drop.

A/c Wisbey family (PTLD)

25 Angus steer weaners. Yard weaned, Te Mania-blood. A/c breeder.

A/c Crossley Grazing (PTLD)

10 Angus steer weaners. Quality claves, 8-10 mths. Yard weaned, fresh condition.

18 Angus heifers, sisters to above.

A/c Pineridge Pastoral (PTLD)

25 Angus steer weaners, 5-7 mths. Weaned, drenched, in forward fresh condition.

A/c Thornbury Estates (PTLD)

40 Santa mixed sex weaners, 6-8 mths, forward to fresh condition.

A/c Floradora Partnership (MSD)

37 Charolais x steers, 6-7 mths

25 Angus steers, 6-7 mths, very good quality

A/c Blairmount Pastoral (MSD)

30 Angus heifers, 4-6 mths

40 Cross bred heifers, 4-6 mths

A/c Bacton Downs (PTLD)

25 Euro x mixed sex weaners, 5-7 mths.

A/c P Pether (PTLD)

20 Angus mxd sex weaners, 4-5 mths, Millah Murrah & Pine Creek blood

A/c DJ & HM Woods

20 Angus & Angus x cows, PTIC to Angus bull

10 Brangus cows, PTIC

10x10 Angus cows & calves, calves 4-6 mths, cows PTIC back in calf

A/c Hayden Rhodes

10x10 Charolais x cows with calves at foot

10 Charolais x steers

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