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Euroa Annual Blue Ribbon Weaner Cattle Sale

Store Sale


15 Jan 2020



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Euroa 3666 N/A


***2,000 CATTLE 2,000***

Further Entries Invited

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Villa, Finley ROD

100 Angus M/S, 5-6 mths. By Witherswood & Scotts Angus Bulls

The Meadows, Seymour LMK

80 Angus M/S, 10-11 months. Anvil bld. Yard weaned

Verge Pastoral, ‘May Park’, Euroa ROD

80 Angus Steers 9-10 mths. By Dunoon Bulls. Yard Weaned 3 Weeks

T Ralston “Hollywood’ Euroa ROD

70 Poll Hfd M/S Weaners 10-11 Mths By Kanimbla Bulls

S.Martin, ‘The Martins’, Terip ELD

70 Angus M/s

The Springs, Beveridge LMK

60 Angus Char X M/S, 9-10 mths. By Newblax & Alford Bulls

AO McKinnon, ‘The Range’, Balmattum ELD

60 Angus Steers, 8-10 mths. By Lawsons Sons of Bartel E7

G & L Johnstone, ‘Springfield’ ROD

60 Angus M/S, 9-10 mths. By Connamara Angus Bull

Marnong, Mickleham LMK

60 Angus Steers, 9-10 months. Merridale bld. Weaned

Blythe Aire, Strathbogie LMK

60 Angus Char X M/S weaners, 6-7 months, Kenmere bld

K & L Dean, Violet Town LMK

50 Poll H’ford Steers, 9-10 months. By Wirruna & Tarcombe Bulls. Weaned

Greendale, LMK

50 Angus/B’Baldy calves, 4-5 months, By Newblax Bulls

Burnview Angus, Moglonembly LMK

50 Angus M/S weaners, 9/10 months, Merridale bld

M & E Thomas, Ruffy LMK

45 Angus Steers, 8-10 months. By sons of TeMania & Landfall Bulls

WJ Williams, Euroa LMK

40 M/S, 9-10 months. Connamara bld

Ponkeen, Tarcombe ELD

40 Simmental Poll H’ford X Steers, 9-10 mths. Woonalee Simms & Mawarra Poll Her bld. Drenched. Yard weaned

R & K Barns ‘The Willows’, Euroa ROD

40 Angus Steers 9-10 mths. By Newnham Angus Bull

Cottleswood, Terip LMK

40 M/S, 9-10 months. Pure Rennylea bld. Weaned

Gunbar, Beveridge. LMK

40 M/S weaners, Merridale bld, weaned

G & T Ellis, Violet Town LMK

40 Angus M/S weaners, Lawsons bld

Tim Clarke P/L ‘Pranjip Park’, Wahring ROD

33 Angus Heifers 9-10 mths. By Newnham & Innisfail Angus Bulls. Weaned

Monea Park, Locksley LMK

30 Angus & Angus S’horn X M/S, 8-10 months. Glen Modest Spry bld

Watson Park, Trentham LMK

30 Angus Steers, 10-11 months. By Melbourne Polytechnic Bulls

Gooram Springs, Gooram LMK

30 Angus B/Baldy Steers, 6-7 months. Lawson & Merridale bld

Binalong, Creightons Creek LMK

30 Angus M/S, 9-10 months. Merridale bld

Highfield Pastoral Co, Terip LMK

30 M/S, 9-10 months. Connamara bld. Weaned

Mickleham Holdings, Mia Mia LMK

44 M/S Poll H’ford weaners, 10-11 months, By Deloraine bulls

Gunbar Development Co, Templestowe LMK

40 M/S weaners, Merridale bld, weaned

WEANERS (cont'd)

Joshma Park, LMK

30 Angus M/S, 4-5 months

20 Murray Grey Steers, 10-11 months

I & L Bruce, Mansfield LMK

22 Angus M/S, 8-9 months. Weaned

G & V Williams, Euroa ROD

20 Angus Steers, 8-9 mths. By Connamarra Angus Bull. Yard Weaned

15 Angus Heifers, as above

S Stribling M Phelan, ‘Flat Rock’, Euroa ROD

20 Angus Steers 8-9 mths. By Newnham Angus Bull. Weaned

14 Angus Heifers, as above

Burnview Angus, Moglonembly LMK

20 Angus Steers, 9-10 months. Merridale bld

J & D Gall, Balmattum ELD

20 Angus M/S, 7-9 mths

Upson Downs, Broadford LMK

20 Angus M/S, 7-8 months. By Highland Velvet Bull

M Stapleton, Darraweit Guim LMK

20 Red Angus Heifers, 10 months. Paringa bld

Chintin Park, Gisborne LMK

20 M/S Angus, 10-11 mths. By Newblax bull

Longwood Thoroughbred Farm, Longwood LMK

17 Angus M/S weaners, 7-8 months, Merridale bld

Newblax, Euroa LMK

15 Angus Heifers, 9-10 months. By Newnham bulls

15 Simmental F1 Heifers, 9-10 months. By Newnham bulls

Granite View, Gooram LMK

15 Simmental X M/S, 8-9 months

R & M Lloyd, Moranding LMK

14 M/S. By Newblax bulls

Balmere, Balmattum LMK

12 Angus Steers, 11-12 months

Granite Views, Gooram LMK

15 Simmental X M/S weaners, 8-9 months

Macsfield Park, Gooram LMK

15 B/Baldy M/S, 9-10 months. Merridale bld

Brookwood Graziers LMK

15 Angus steers, 11-12 months, Millah Murrah bld, eaned

K O’Leary, Gooram ROD

10 Hereford M/S. By Tarcombe Bulls

C & P Macdermid, Ruffy ELD

10 Angus Steers. Innisfail bld

Glenfyne Angus Stud LMK

10 Charolais steers, 10-12 months

R Woods, Seymour LMK

8 M/G heifers, 9-10 month

3 H’ford heifers, 11-12 months


Bunting Hill, Ruffy LMK

10 Angus steers, Merridale bld

J. Freemantle, Mansfield ELD

10 Angus Steers, 14 mths

A & K Hillgrove ELD

18 Angus Steers, 15-16 mths

R & M Lloyd, Moranding LMK

2 Steers, 14 mths. By Newblax Bulls


R & M Lloyd, Moranding LMK

2 Heifers, 14 mths. By Newblax Bulls

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