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Store Sale


20 May 2022



Sale Type





2340 N/A


***4425 CATTLE 4425***

2160 Steers

1335 Heifers

235 Cows and Calves

695 PTIC



A/c Pine Grove Trust (DC)

170 Angus x Brahman/Charbray m/s weaners, yard weaned.

A/c JM & KP Daly and Son (GC)

150 Angus, Poll Hereford and Limo x m/s weaners. 10-11 months, fresh condition

A/c Niluan, Spring Ridge (DC)

120 Angus m/s weaners, 200-280kg, top quality

A/c Pee Dee Station (MCA)

90 Santa and Droughtmaster m/s weaners. Vendor bred calves in store condition

A/c Pretty Valley (Elders)

55 Angus and Angus x m/s weaners, 5-7 months

A/c Polly Brewon (DC)

50 Santa m/s, 7-9 months. Sired by Rockingham bulls. Top quality

A/c AS & KA Gleeson (PPA)

25 Angus m/s weaners

25 Angus x yearling steers

A/c Bernau Station (GC)

50 Angus, Charolais and Limo x m/s weaners, 10-11 months, fresh condition.

A/c Lachlan Downs (DC)

30 Hereford m/s weaners. Sired by Glenwarrah bulls

A/c Abbey Farm (DC)

20 Angus and Angus x m/s

A/c Zigzag Partnership (CP)

18 Angus/Limo x m/s weaners, 7-9 months


A/c The Parry Trust (GC)

150 Angus weaner steers, 8-9 months, Booromooka and Trio blood, top quality.

Ac Sheridan Farming (GC)

100 Friesian steers, 200-450kg, to be drafted

A/c R C Cramp (Pitt)

60 Angus x steers weaners

A/c Schofield Grazing (GC)

50 Charolais x yearling strs, 350-420 kg, ideal crop cattle

A/c C & V Zammit (PPA)

30 Angus steer weaners. Booragul blood

A/C GE & J Weber (Pitt)

20 Angus/Angus steer weaners

Cows / Heifers & Calves

A/c Unit Processing Consulting (CP)

26 x 26 Droughtmaster heifers,1st CAF 1-2 months by Angus bulls, NSM

A/c FW & JH Paterson (CP)

20 x 20 Angus and Santa heifers, 1st CAF 1-2 months by Angus bull, NSM

A/c MWH (DC)

6 x 6 Hereford cows and calves, PTIC back to Hereford bull


A/c EL & SL Fogarty, Woolbrook (DC)

150 British & crossbred cows, preg tested empty, ideal crop cattle


A/c HD Stearman (Pitt)

30 Angus and Angus x Santa cows, PTIC for 3rd calf

70 Charolais x cows, 4-7 yrs

Joined 6/10/21-3/1/22 to Black Simmental and Romangola bulls. Black Simmental bull same sire as current record holder for top price pen of cows and calves sold through TRLX. Black cows originally from Bregot Grazing “Glenbarra” herd.

A/c JS Mort (DC)

50 Angus and Angus x cows, PTIC to Dales Angus bulls

A/c Stubaroo, Manilla (DC)

30 Angus cows, mixed age, PTIC to high marbling Wagyu bulls (pedigrees available) to commence calving June

A/c JW & DA Hann (DC)

28 Hereford heifers, PTIC 4-6 months to LBW Poll Hereford bull

A/c Honeysuckle Livestock (IML)

24 Hereford cows 5-8 years ptic ( red tags) Lawson Angus bull. Treated with ivomec & 5 in 1 on 29/4/22

A/c Zigzag Partnership (CP)

18 Angus cows, 4 yrs, PTIC to Black Limo bull

A/c The vendor (RWL)

12 Charolais x heifers, PTIC to Santa bull to calve July

A/c Abbey Farm (DC)

10 Angus and Charolais x cows, PTIC to Angus and Santa bulls

A/c MWH (DC)

8 Santa and Santa/Angus heifers, PTIC Angus bulls

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