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26 Nov 2021



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Dunedoo 2844 N/A


***1200 CATTLE 1200***

Commencing 11.00am at Dunedoo Saleyards 

This will be an outstanding yarding of quality breeder and restocker cattle with your attendance highly recommended.


A/c NP Leddon, "Adavale", Coonamble (PTL)

60x60 Ironbark blood Hereford heifers, 1st calves at foot by Angus Bulls, 3-5 mths all marked in fresh sappy condition. Not rejoined. To be drafted two ways.

20x20 Allandale blood Poll Hereford heifers, 1st calves at foot 1-5 mths by Angus bull. All marked. 16x16 Angus Cows & Calves, calves by Trio Angus bulls, 2-3 mths.

6x6 Angus x calves with 2-3 mths old sappy CAF. 15x15 Hereford heifers with CAF 2-4 mths, sappy calves, depastured to Wargundy Angus bulls from 13/10/2021.

A/c Edenbridge Partnership (MSD)

30 Santa x cows, 6-8 yrs, PTIC to Shorthorn bulls to calve March/April.

20 Angus & Hereford cows, 6-8 yrs, PTIC to Shorthorn bulls to calve March/April.

30 British x cows, 6-8 yrs, PTIC to Shorthorn bulls to calve March/April.

A/c DC & J Copeland Pty Ltd

40 Hereford x Composite cows, 4-8 yrs, PTIC to black Composite bulls.

A/c Hampshire Station, Merriwa (PTLD)

30 Angus heifers, 2 years. PTIC to Eaglehawk sires, depastured from 1/7 to 15/8. Quality station bred breeders, carrying our highest recommendations. A/c Braithwaite Pastoral Co, Bylong Valley (PTL) 30 Angus & Angus/Hereford x cows & calves. Principally on their second calf. Calves 1-2 mths. A/c CBS Pastoral, Dunedoo (MSD)

20x20 Poll Hereford cows, 5-8 yrs with Hereford & Angus calves at foot.

A/c ACM Bowman, Dunedoo (MSD)

10x10 Charolais heifers with 1st calves at foot 1-3 mths. Outstanding units.

A/c Birkalla Partnership, Gulgong (MSD)

10x10 Braford cows, 6-8 yrs with Hereford calves at foot, 1-3 mths

A/c Bindara Holdings, Bindara (PTLD)

7 Braford cows, 6-9 years with Angus cross calves at foot, 1-3 months. Large frames in forward to fat condition.

7 Angus cows with Simmental calves at foot, 1-3 months. Big frame cows in forward to fat condition.

A/c Clayfield Stud (MSD)

8 Droughtmaster cows, PTIC to Droughtmaster bulls.


A/c Hampshire Station, Merriwa (PTLD)

50 Angus steers, spring 2020-drop. Eaglehawk- blood. Offered account the breeder.

A/c PE & NC Dakin, “Corrodgery”, Dubbo (PTL) 70 Poll Hereford steers, March-April drop. Top quality well marked, renowned doing cattle.

A/c Agisting Tyrie District (PTL)

180 Angus and Angus cross steer weaners, 8-10 months. Yard weaned, quiet to handle. Cattle that are on the do.

70 Euro cross steer weaners, principally Charolais/Charbray.

**The above cattle were all purchased out of the Northern Tablelands and Southern Queensland weaner sales.

A/c Edenbridge Partnership (MSD)

30 Angus steers, 12-14 mths

A/c Rosedale Grazing, "Rosedale" (PTL)

10 Angus/Freisan heifers, 9-10 mths , well grown. Make ideal future vealer mothers

A/c Stillford Grazing, Dunedoo (MSD)

20 Angus heifers, 12-14 mths, well grown

A/c Snake Gully, Dunedoo (MSD)

40 Angus mxd sex weaners. Very fresh. Good quality.

A/c Davis Ag, Dunedoo (MSD)

30 Santa mixed sex weaners 10 - 12 months A/c M & C French (MSD)

30 Angus x Euro steers, 12-14 months.


A/c Clayfield Stud (MSD)

3 Droughtmaster Registered Bulls, 30-32 mths, quiet temperament, vet accredited.

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