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DUNEDOO 22ND ANNUAL SHORTHORN SALE Incorporating Dunedoo Monthly Store Cattle Sale

Feature Sale


15 Sep 2021



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Dunedoo 2844 N/A



Due to current COVID regulations, PRE-REGISTRATION is MANDATORY for all attending the sale - register online through our website.


A/c Doolibah Partnership, Bunnan (MSD)

10 Shorthorn Bulls (EU), 2 years old.

12x12 Shorthorn heifers (EU) 2 years with 1st CAF 1-3 months by the Doolibah Bull, calved unaided.

A/c SS & BJ Fergusson, Dunedoo (MSD)

27 Poll Shorthorn cows (EU) 3 years Turanville blood, CAF. 1-3 months. NSM

11 Poll Shorthorn cows (EU) 2 years Turanville blood, CAF. 1-3 months. NSM

10 Poll Shorthorn yearling heifers (EU) Turanville blood. 12 -13 months. NSM

A/c Gundibri Pty Ltd, Merriwa (MSD)

40 NSM Shorthorn heifers (EU) ready to join. Close to a century of breeding quality shorthorn cattle, carrying our highest recommendation.


A/c D & M Brooks, Merriwa (MSD)

42x42 Angus cows with CAF. Millah Murrah blood, good quality units to go on with.

A/c Yamble Pty Ltd – Langboyd (PTLD)

70 Droughtmaster cows, principally 2nd & 3rd calvers, La Trobe Station bred, PTIC TO Glenalpyn Santa Bulls, large framed quality matrons, very quiet temperament, carry our highest recommendations.

A/c Birkalla Partnership, Dunedoo (MSD)

15x15 Braford cows, 6-8 years with CAF 1-3 months.

A/c J & R Sheridan, Coolah (MSD)

8 x 8 Brangus cows with CAF, 1-3 months.

A/c AE Lincoln & Co (MSD)

40 mxd sex weaners, 8-10 mths


A/c G & S Rains (MSD)

11 Angus cows, 6-8 yrs, PTIC to Millah Murrah Angus bull to calve end of January.

16 Angus heifers, 2 yrs, 1st calves at foot 1-2 mths by Booragul Angus bull, excellent quality

A/c Cooreen Partners, Agisting Narromine District (PTLD) 93 Angus & Angus cross heifer weaners yard weaned, drenched & vaccinated. Well handled future breeders.

A/c Riverlea Pastoral (PTLD)

30 Charolais/Santa cross heifers

20 Angus/Santa cross heifers stretchy soft coated females

A/c WV & EA Hattenfels, Elong Elong (MSD)

30 Angus heifers, 14-16 months

A/c DG & LJ Honeysett, Gulgong (MSD)

33 Charbray heifers, PTIC to Wargundy Angus bull to calve February for 7 weeks.

A/c Combara Enterprises (PTLD)

20 Angus cows, mixed ages in fresh forward condition, PTIC to Angus sires, stylish breeders.

A/c L Croake, Dunedoo (MSD)

9 Santa cross heifers to be PTIC to the Munna Santa Gertrudis LBW bull.

A/c Burrabadene Partnership (PTLD)

18 Angus cows with sappy Angus CAF 2-3 months, principally 4 to 8 years.

A/c Collingwood Enterprises (PTLD)

27 Angus cow & calves, mixed ages, fresh calves, framey cows in forward store condition.

A/c R Stewart, Gulgong

15 Angus heifers, 7-10 months

15 Angus steers, 7-10 months

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