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Store Sale


05 May 2021



Sale Type





Euroa 3666 N/A


1700 CATTLE 1700

CURFEW 3.30PM Tuesday*

COVID-19 social distancing rules apply

Further Entries Invited


Blythe Aire, Strathbogie NUT

120 Char Angus X M/S, 7-8 months, Kenmere bld

Moran Property Investments, Locksley NUT

100 Angus M/S, 6-7 months, Rennylea bld

Watson Park, Trentham NUT

80 Angus M/S, 6-7 months, By Temania bld Bulls

J & H Perry, Nagambie NUT

75 Angus M/S, 7-8 months, Merridale Bld

B Costello, Euroa ROD

70 Angus M/S, 8-9 months, By Belspur Bulls

AJF Corp Merrijig ROD

30 Angus strs, 7 months, Hazeldene Bld

30 Angus hfrs, 7 months, Hazeldene Bld

Tarcombe Lodge, ROD

60 Angus M/S, 6-7 months, Alpine Angus Bld

Kilburnie, Terrip **EU ACC** NUT

50 Angus strs, 7-8 months, Connamara Bld, Yard weaned

Strathdale, Kithbrook NUT

40 Angus & Angus X B/B M/S, 7-8 months, Millwillah Bld

Fox Pastoral, Merton ROD

40 Angus, 7-8 months, By AI Angus sires, Yard weaned

A & L Burton, ‘The Munro’, Kithbrook ELD

40 Angus M/S, 7-9 months. Connamara bld

Jippo Angus, Tarcombe NUT

45 Angus M/S, Full Connamara Bld, Spring drop ‘20

P & M Burns Plover Plains ROD

44 Angus strs, 10 months, By 007 Angus Bulls

G & J Caine Mansfield ROD

20 Angus & Angus X strs, 6-7 months, Coolana Bld

20 Angus & Angus X hfrs, 6-7 months, Coolana Bld

Britalong, Locksley ROD

30 Angus M/S, 7-8 months, By Belspur Bulls

Brackley Park, Avenel NUT

30 M/S, 6-7 months, By Lawson Bull

Provincial Valley, Nagambie NUT

30 Char X M/S, 7-8 months, Monument Valley bld

Joseph & Crocker Merton ROD

15 Angus & Angus X strs, 7-11 months, Witherswood bld

15 Angus & Angus X hfrs 7-11 months, Witherswood bld

Pranjip Pastoral, Pranjip ELD

30 Angus M/S, 8-10 months, Kilcoolin Bld, Yard weaned

Glenard, Arthurs Creek NUT

25 Angus hfrs, 6-7 months, By Newnham Bulls

Monument Valley, Tatong NUT

24 Char M/S, by Monument Valley bulls

K & V Spaulding, Waranga Park, Murchison ELD

23 Angus M/S, 6-7 months

Cloverly Past Co NUT

22 Angus M/S, by Table top bulls

Bonnie View, Merton NUT

20 Angus M/S, Spring drop ’20, Merridale bld

D & M Thomson Barwite ROD

20 Angus hfrs 7-8 months, Witherswood & Anvil bld

K & B Hobbs, Balmattum ELD

20 Angus M/S, 10-12 months. Newblax bld. Yard weaned

Carrungi Past NUT

20 Limo X hfrs, 10-12 mths, yard weaned, NSM

WEANERS (cont'd)

Glendoxey, Seymour NUT

17 Angus & Angus Devon X strs, 9-10 months, Paringa bld, Yard weaned

3 Angus & Angus Devon X hfrs, 9-10 months, Paringa bld, Yard weaned

Wenearlia, Kilmore NUT

16 M/S, 9-10 months, by Toolagi bulls

Springbank Herefords NUT

15 Angus X H’ford strs, 7-8 months, Welcome Swallow bld

The Springs, Wallan NUT

14 M/S, 8-9 months, by Newnham bulls

H Bovill, Tamleugh NUT

14 Angus strs, 10-12 months

Peppertree Park, ‘J. Fry’, Pine Lodge ELD

13 Angus X Limo M/S, Yard weaned

Xinda Group, Molka ELD

12 Angus hfrs, 8-10 months, Yard weaned

D Mackrell, Strathbogie NUT

12 Angus M/S, 8 months, by Connamara bulls

Coomakilla Farms, Samaria NUT

12 Angus M/S, 8-9 months, by Banquet bulls

E Lyons, Seymour NUT

12 Angus M/S, 10-11 months, by Coolana K425 bull

Jennick, Tarcombe NUT

10 H’ford strs, Tarcombe bld, 7-8 months, Yard weaned

Youngs Gap Pastoral Bonnie Doon ROD

10 Angus & Angus X strs, 8 months, Te Mania & Anvil bld, Yard weaned

Finley Park, Gooram NUT

10 Angus strs, 7-8 months, Rennylea bld

C Bowshall, Kilmore NUT

9 Angus & Angus H’ford X, Temania bld

Hurnell, Pyalong NUT

5 hfrs, 8-9 months, By Moranding Park bull


Fairview, Locksley **EU ACC** NUT

45 Angus strs, 15-16 months, Connamara & Merridale bld

Chateau Line Benalla ROD

20 Angus strs, 18-20 months, Alpine Angus bld

Baxa Pastoral, Ruffy NUT

6 Angus, 16 months, Innisfail bld

KSE & LA Dean, Euroa NUT

5 H’ford, 13-14 months, Tarcombe bld

K & V Spaulding, Waranga Park, Murchison ELD

3 Angus 12-13 months

C Holden NUT

3 Droughtmaster X


Baxa Pastoral, Ruffy NUT

15 Angus, 16 months, Innisfail bld

K & V Spaulding, Waranga Park, Murchison ELD

8 Angus, 12-13 months

KSE & LA Dean, Euroa NUT

5 H’ford, 13-14 months, Tarcombe bld


Cloverlea, Lancefield NUT

20 Angus hfrs, 2 yrs, Moranding Park Bull, to C.C Aug – Sept, P.T.I.C

Selling Agents