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Its FREE to use if you are looking for stock. We charge THE SELLER $4 for cattle and $0.50 cents for sheep (per head and plus GST) if a sale is generated. For general advertising and reminders, call or email Sam about the HERD advertising campaigns. All ads must be emailed to Sam's email.

To discuss any of the ads or to connect with buyers, contact Sam on mobile, email or use direct message bubble at the bottom.



500 Angus Steers required, to land in Northern NSW. Excellent rates for the right cattle. One mark, B Double loads as a minimum. Pics/Video required.

16th September

1,000 EU Steers and Heifers

200-350 kgs

Preferably Angus, but will look at all colours

2) 20th September

Store cows. 400kgs plus. Ideally 4 year and over. Store condition. Ideally pregnancy tested empty or non detectable cows. Any colour, no hump.

Minimum 2 decks pending location but preferably 3 decks.



A run of 2,3,4 year old EU Angus PTIC Heifers and Cows. Front paddock and ticking all the boxes. March 21 calving. $2400-$2600 vicinity. Northern NSW


A large run of 1st Calf Angus Heifers with CAF, running back with Angus bulls and girls will be able to stay on for the duration of joining if buyer prefers. Heifers 550kg approx. Located central NSW


80x80 Angus Cows and Calves, New England. 620kg cows estimated weight. 120kg calves $2500



Gnadbro Pastoral Company 18th Annual Ewe Production Sale will be conducted on AuctionsPlus ONLY!

Tuesday 15 th September 12 noon

4,000 1st Border Leicester/Merino X Ewe maidens

April/May 2019 drop, Mulesed. All ewes to be scanned empty for your sire requirements Shorn 3/8/2020, Drenched, Vaccinated & Backlined

Ewes bred from high performing ‘Cadell’ Border Leicester Sires and large frame Riverina bred Merino ewes

Gudair Vaccinated - National Sheep Health Statement provided Eligible to South Australia 

NUTRIEN AG WAGGA WAGGA (02) 6921 1511 - Jarrod Slattery 0428 695 700 

Hit the following link for more info: https://auctionsplus.com.au/auctionV2/New/#/presale/24150

If you would like to find out more information about advertising, contact:

Sam Levett 0402629747 or emaisam@theherdonline.com.au

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