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Advertising dashboard for the HERD group!

Its FREE to use if you are looking for stock. We charge THE SELLER $4 for cattle and $0.50 cents for sheep (per head and plus GST) if a sale is generated. For general advertising and reminders, call or email Sam about the HERD advertising campaigns. All ads must be emailed to Sam's email.

To discuss any of the ads or to connect with buyers, contact Sam on mobile, email or use direct message bubble at the bottom.


Chasing the following:

1) 2020 Angus Weaners. Steers and Heifers. 240kg - 350kgs. Solid interest and rates. Buying in the paddock. EU and non EU. Ideally 3 decks, minimum 2 decks.

2) Will be chasing 2020 Hereford weaner steers for December, January and February in the paddock. 220kg- 300kg approx. Ideally 3 decks, minimum 2 decks.

3) 3 decks of Santa or Santa X cows and calves or PTIC. To end up in Mudgee, NSW

3) Looking for loads of PTIC, rejoined or Empty XB cows. Store condition. QLD type cows. All ages and condition. Brahman X, Shorthorn X, Droughtmaster X and British X. Will also look at Cows and Calves.

4) Looking for Droughtmaster and Santa Heifers for mid December delivery. 180-300 kg's approximately. Blue Tongue Free zone and China Protocol. (6 months on PIC required and blood test) Excellent rates for the right cattle. Pick up on farm. Minimum 2 decks.

5) 200 Angus Cows and Angus Calves, min 2 decks but preferably 3 decks. Young to middle age cows. Must be vendor bred and bloodlines info required.

Will end up in Central NSW

If you would like to find out more information about advertising or nominate livestock, contact:

Sam Levett 0402629747 or emaisam@theherdonline.com.au

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