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Advertising dashboard for the HERD group!

Its FREE to use if you are looking for stock. We charge THE SELLER $4 for cattle and $0.50 cents for sheep (per head and plus GST) if a sale is generated. For general advertising and reminders, call or email Sam about the HERD advertising campaigns. All ads must be emailed to Sam's email.

To discuss any of the ads or to connect with buyers, contact Sam on mobile, email or use direct message bubble at the bottom.


Chasing the following:


150 PTIC Young Angus/Baldy Cows or Heifers

Calving March-April

Cows must be 2-4th calvers

Must be well bred 

Calving to an LBW bulls.

2) 40 - 60 PTIC Angus cows. 2nd - 4th calvers, calve Feb/Mar only. 

Good money for the right article. Will end up in North East Vic

3) 300-400 PTIC Heifers or Young Angus Cows for Autumn calving. Joined to noted Angus sires. Need to be good commercial females with available breeding details. Ideally cows under 5 years Approx. 

If you would like to find out more information about advertising or nominate livestock, contact:

Sam Levett 0402629747 or emaisam@theherdonline.com.au

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